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Meet the 2016 Woodward Intern Class

By Hope Ventricelli
Marketing Fellow

Since the Playhouse's founding, hundreds of young theater professionals have further developed their skills alongside industry experts. 

This season, we are so fortunate to have nine talented, hard-working Woodward Interns on the Playhouse campus. Named in honor of artistic director emeritus Joanne Woodward, the Woodward Internship program has given many young professionals their first taste of a professional theater environment. We'd like to thank the many generous donors who make this program possible

Our stellar 2016 Woodward Interns have traveled to Westport from near & far - read on to meet them!

Jantzen Bates
Stage Management Intern
Springfield, MO | Missouri State University (May 2017)

Why did you choose WCP?
While at the South Eastern Theatre Conference (SETC) for their job fair, Westport stuck out as one of the few internships that offered real hands on experience with Equity Stage Managers as well as the opportunity to work at a major east coast regional theater. The proximity to New York was the cherry on the top.

What has been your best memory from this summer? 
Going to Finding Dory with Buyer & Cellar's Michael Urie and some of the production team.

Fun Fact

I am an Open Waters and Nitrox certified scuba diver.

AnnaBeth Crittenden
Marketing Intern
Montgomery, AL | Berry College (May 2017)

Why do you love theater?
Theater, to me, is an escape from reality and the highest art form there is (in my opinion). It takes so much vulnerability, ambition, collaboration, and hard work both onstage and off to produce what is seen every night in the theater. And the result is pure magic. 

Why did you choose WCP?
After talking to Beth [Husking, general manager] at SETC, Westport was one of the only theaters that stuck out in my mind because of their Tuesday seminar. I loved the idea of an all-inclusive experience where I could learn about every field from people who have succeeded in their career. 

Fun Fact
I've volunteered with a zoo education program for 8 years.

Paula Escobar
Stage Management Intern
Raleigh, NC | University of North Carolina School of the Arts (May 2018)

Why do you love theater? 
I love theater because different people with different talents all come together for the same goal of telling a story.

What is your favorite play or musical?
I don't have a favorite but I love Tennessee Williams' plays. 

Something new I learned from the summer:
I’ve learned the importance of always saying yes to any task no matter how small or big it might be. Westport has such a family feel to it that it’s important to always support one another in order to achieve that family atmosphere. 

Lindsay Fuori
Scenic Painting/Props Intern
Newtown, CT | Boston University (May 2018)

Why do you love theater? 
The community is why I love theater; both the collaborative team and the greater community it serves. When done well, a piece of theater has the ability to be a transformative experience for both parties. In that growth there is a strength and beauty like no other. Even being just a small part of what makes that happen is priceless.

Why did you choose WCP? 

I chose WCP for my summer internship for a number of reasons, two of the most significant being the community and the history. I was excited to learn from the many artists and leaders here. I feel that being able to watch and work with each of them has made me a better designer and collaborator.

Fun Fact
I was born on Mardi Gras, and even though the holiday changes every year I always celebrate my birthday with a king cake!

Kayla Hill
Technical Director Intern
Prince George, VA | Longwood University (Dec. 2016)

Why do you love theater?
I love theater because it gave me a safe place to go to when I was younger. I was bullied frequently and theater provided me an outlet for my grief and anger, as well as gave me a home. Being at Westport showed me that the family aspect lasts way after college, and that made me very hopeful for my future.

What is something new you’ve learned this summer?
I learned many things from this amazing opportunity. I learned that people who started off as strangers can become your best friends in two and half short months. Most of all I learned that theater is not just about making money, but about creating amazing art with a very tight knit group of people. I am so thankful to have had a job this summer that makes saying goodbye so hard.
Why did you choose WCP?
I chose Westport for a few reasons.  The first one was that they were by far the most enthusiastic interview I had.  I completely adored the conversations I had with both Beth [Husking] and David [Dreyfoos, associate producer] at SETC and how excited RJ [Romeo, technical director] was when we spoke on the phone for the first time. The second reason was for the travel. I have never been very far outside of Virginia, so Westport allowed me to expand my horizons. The third reason was their success stories and their connections. Choosing Westport gave me the opportunity to gain connections with people I would never have made them with. It also provided me with intern seminars which helped me figure out how to get myself out there in the real world.

Andrew Kimball
Wardrobe Intern
Wilton, CT | Wheaton College (May 2018)

What is your best memory from the summer?
Working with J. Jared Janas, the makeup designer for The Invisible Hand. I came to the Playhouse to work on constructing clothes and altering them so to go into a field that I was unfamiliar with was a little daunting. However, Jared was amazing because he walked me through all the steps for the makeup in the play while also explaining why he was doing what he was doing. The biggest example is doing Rajesh Bose's quick change makeup where he has to get bruised up [as the character Imam Saleem]. I've never done makeup to that extreme before and to have it done in a minute was intimidating, but practicing with Jared helped me figure out what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. It was something I enjoyed a lot and working beside Jared is something I'll never forget. 

Why do you love theater?
My favorite thing about theater is how hectic things can be, specifically tech week. During that time I am constantly moving whether it be altering clothes or discussing ideas with the costume designer and I enjoy that quick pace a theater environment brings. 

Fun Fact
My background is all fashion based and aside from college productions I have never worked in a theater. 

Mary-Virgina Mitchell
Front-of-House Intern
Savannah, GA | Brenau University (May 2018)

Why did you choose WCP? 
I just loved Beth [Huisking] in my interview. She was so friendly and easy to talk to and I knew WCP would be a good fit for me. 

What is your favorite play or musical?
My current favorite is The Crucible by Arthur Miller, but my all-time favorite is The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds by Paul Zindel.

What is your best memory from the summer?My favorite memory from this summer would be from the intern pool party. We spent the whole day in the pool just having a blast. It was also great to meet the sponsors of the Woodward Internship Program, and to see that they really cared about the future of theater and the education of us. 

Alexandra Rappaport
Company Management Intern
Westport, CT | College of Charleston (May 2017)

What is your best memory from this summer?
Being in company management has its many perks—I get to work with Bruce [Miller, company manager] and Martha [Stout, associate company manager], who are both so good at what they do and also happen to be a couple of the best people I’ve come to know. Every meeting, outing, and adventure we’ve had together is a memory I’ll never forget. Highlights include trips to Stew Leonard’s and opening night preparation, specifically the bonding that happens over cheese cutting and cookie assembling.

Fun Fact
As a lover of language, I have learned quite a few different languages throughout my life. I’m currently studying Mandarin Chinese, and have been for four years!

What is something new you’ve learned this summer?
Perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve learned here is the importance of helping out; doing more than just your part and working as a team to get things done. It’s not necessarily something new that I didn’t know before, but it is something I’ve seen put into practice here more than anywhere else. I have seen how success is realized through joint effort and collaboration, and have felt the rewarding satisfaction that comes from that.

Caleb Smith
Development Intern
Jefferson, GA | Piedmont College (April 2017)

Why do you love theater?
For me it all started in high school and I continuously landed in groups of friends that were simply the wrong choice. I had a few friends involved in theater that encouraged me to join our drama club. From then on I knew that I had found a world where I could really have a family that was always supportive and one that wouldn’t let me down.
What has been your best memory from this summer?
The best part of this summer was realizing that the love of theater is really universal. I came to Westport without any connections, all by myself. Almost immediately I had a family and a place to call home. That’s what theater is all about: collaboration. I love that the fact that it remains true 800 miles from home.

What is something new you’ve learned this summer?
That no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can make a difference.

If you’d like to support the Woodward Intern Program, please contact Charlie Nork, Individual Giving Manager, at (203) 571-1134.

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