Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Faces at Westport Country Playhouse

By Erin Focone
Marketing Associate

As we head into our final show of the season, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to introduce the newest additions to our small-but-mighty staff – Artistic & Management Coordinator Samantha Goober, Patron Services Supervisor Eve Lyons, and HR & Finance Associate Kerry Maloney.

We recently sat down with Samantha, Eve, & Kerry to learn a little bit more about them as they begin their Playhouse journey. 

1. Where were you before starting at the Playhouse?

I graduated from Boston College in May with a B.A. in Theatre Arts & English. I then worked for a Commercial Producer in NYC before making my way to the Playhouse!

Before working at the Playhouse I bounced around Los Angeles, Brooklyn and now New Haven. All in that time meeting new people, working on different productions and working in customer service.

I was living in NYC with my fiancé. I started out using my musical theater degree to audition and that somehow devolved into a job walking and training dogs. It was a great job and as you can imagine, a ton of fun.

2. What interested you about working at the Playhouse?

I grew up performing at regional non-profit theaters in the Boston area and I’ve always had an affinity for working in those types of environments. I love the history of the Playhouse, and the palpable family-like connection that the staff has here. It really seemed like an idyllic place to work and grow as I begin my post-graduate career in the theater.

I wanted to be involved in theater again. I knew it would be a fun place to work (which made it more appealing). Also, being around creative people all the time and not thinking about freelance constantly is always a plus.

Kerry: Theater
 is my first love and I really wanted to stick with it for the long run so when I heard about a position at the Playhouse opening I jumped on it. Sarah, the previous HR & Finance associate, is a friend of mine and she really loved working at the Playhouse. She recommended that it would be a good fit for me.

3. What is your favorite thing about working at the Playhouse so far?

The staff dynamic is definitely my favorite thing so far. I love how everyone here has the ability to get their work done, do a great job, and still have a blast. I’m looking forward to becoming a real member of the WCP family.

So far everyone I have worked with has a great sense of humor. Everyone seems to love the Playhouse and is constantly working to improve it to be better every day.
Kerry: Being around like minded people is wonderful. Everyone has a similar passion and goal, to make thought-provoking art. It’s really nice to have a small knit group of genuinely kind people around all the time. Everyone is so generous and laid back, it’s a nice environment.

4. If you could rename your position based on your first few month’s experience, what would you call it?

Michael & Mark’s helpful sidekick

I would change the box office name to Game of Phones and I would be Eve Lyons… Lady of Subscriptions, Seat Changes, Patron Whispers and Other Awesome Things.
Kerry: I guess it would be something like “Keeper of the Cash.”

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