Thursday, September 24, 2015

Explore Rare Arthur Miller Books at Pequot Library

Courtesy Pequot Library

To celebrate the centennial of Arthur Miller, Pequot Library has placed a collection of his books - including several first editions - on display in their Rare Book Case in the Library’s Reading Room.

The exhibition runs through October 8, 2015, and is free and open to the public during normal library hours. Books similar to those on display in Pequot’s Rare Book cases will be available for circulation at the library.

For more information and to see the full display, visit

Four editions of Miller's seminal work, Death of a Salesman.

Counter-clockwise, from top left
- 1st edition (1949) printed by American Book-Stratford Press in New York. The first issue dust jacket has the author's picture on the back flap, and the "S" in Salesman touches the arm of the salesman illustrated on the front. 

- 1st edition (1949) printed by Kingsport Press, Inc. in Kingsford, TN. It contains a reproduction of the Jo Mielziner drawing of the stage setting of the play.

- 1st edition (1949) printed by The Haddom Craftsman in Scranton, PA. The endpaper is a reproduction of the scenic rendering by Jo Mielziner.

- Special Illustrated Edition (1981). Contains photographs from five major productions of the play, including the original in 1949, starring Lee J Cobb, to the 1975 revival, starring George C. Scott, and the 1979 run at Britian's National Theatre with Warren Mitchell.

Various editions of Miller's 1964 play, After the Fall.

Miller's The Misfits (1957).
The author's note explains that this work was written as neither a novel, play, nor screenplay. Despite this intention, it became a film classic - written for Marilyn Monroe, starring Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift, and directed by John Huston. It was the last film performance for both Gable and Monroe.

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