Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First Rehearsal for "Love and Money"

A.R. Gurney, Kahyun Kim, Mark Lamos, Maureen Anderman, 
Gabriel Brown, Pamela Dunlap, and Joe Paulik.

By Peter Chenot
Director of Marketing

Gabriel Brown and A.R. Gurney.
Excitement filled the room at the Signature Theatre's Ford Rehearsal Studio as the full production team came together to kick off the first rehearsal of A.R. (Pete) Gurney's world premiere of Love and Money. Some actors and designers met for the first time while many others greeted each other with hugs of long and fast friendships. Many Playhouse staffers made the trip down to 42nd and 10th in NYC to join in on the celebration and get started working on the play with their counterparts at Signature.

After introductions of the close to one hundred people in the room Mark Lamos spoke about this new endeavor. 

Collected dramaturgy for the play
"If you know Peter Pan, that wonderful old play by J.M. Barrie, there's a line when he thinks he's going to be drowning. He's on a rock and the waters are rising and there's nobody in sight, and the pirates have deposited him there and he says 'dying is going to be an awfully big adventure.' And since I really started getting older I thought to myself, it's not dying that's the big adventure, it's aging, aging is a huge adventure! It's extraordinary! It's absolutely extraordinary where it takes you both in your body and in the way you deal with the world."

Mark Lamos and A.R. Gurney

He went on to say,"and here we have a play about a woman of a certain age who has decided late in life to really change her life.  And that's one of the most exciting things about the play."  

Pete Gurney stood next to Mark nodding and smiling while the collected company listened attentively. Shortly afterward, following a few design presentations and welcoming words from the Signature staff, the cast sat down at the table to read the play, officially starting the work in the room.

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Sounds like Mr. Gurney has something surprising up his sleeve, as usual. Can't wait.