Thursday, May 21, 2015

Help us honor our WWII heroes & heroines

Gloria & Harry Brinton (grandparents of Peter Chenot,
WCP's Marketing Director) as newlyweds. With Harry
due to ship out, they were married on the same day as
Gloria's college graduation. Harry served in the US
Coast Guard, Merchant Marine & Navy. 
By Don Rebar
Community Engagement & Digital Content Manager

As cities around the world celebrate the 70th anniversary of V-E Day, rehearsals have begun for C.P. Taylor's WWII romance, "And a Nightingale Sang." This play, set on the British home-front, tells one family's story of perseverance during uncertain times.

While this dramatic work draws attention to the difficulties of life 'across the pond,' there are many tales of humor, romance & sacrifice from our own community which also deserve to be recognized.

If your life - or a friend or family member's - was impacted by the events surrounding WWII, we encourage you to help us honor "The Greatest Generation" by submitting photos or stories of those who participated in our wartime efforts. The Playhouse will turn these submissions into a video tribute to our local heroes & heroines that will be played in the lobby during "And a Nightingale Sang."

Please email your photos & stories to with the subject line "WWII Salute." If you do not have digital copies but would still like to participate, please call (203) 571-1140.

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