Friday, March 20, 2015

Positanos Brings a Little Bite of Italy to the Playhouse

by Beth Huisking, General Manager

Later this Spring, the Playhouse campus will have a new resident, Positano Ristorante. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit their previous locations in Westport, you are in for a treat! Recently, the Scarpati family, who own and operate the restaurant (and cook the delicious food!), took a few moments to answer some questions about Positanos.

Could you tell us a little about yourselves?

We are a family of big eaters! Often time, what our guests consider a meal, we see as the appetizer. We’re picky – you will only find freshly prepared food on our dinner table; which means, if we don’t eat it, we don’t serve it.

Can you tell us a little about the history of Positano?

Positano was founded in 1999 in Westport CT, but you can say that it was built long before 1999; it took years of experience to perfect the various tastes and flavors you will savor on our menu. We had a great 15-year run at our former Compo Beach location, and have fond memories of summer beach weddings, and all the friends we’ve made. We look forward to continuing our story on the Westport Country Playhouse Campus!

Many of our patrons had dined at The Dressing Room and are familiar with the space. Should they expect anything new when they walk in to Positano for the first time?

One thing is for sure, the restaurant has a natural beauty to it which we did not want to lose. It is a special place. To give the space a revived energy, we have added some modern design elements, which enhance the restaurant’s unique charm.

What sort of items can one expect to see on the menu?

You can call it Regional/Contemporary Italian Cuisine. Italian food is all about the fresh fish, meat, produce & herbs – that is the basis of our cooking. It’s simple, but our multi-step process to prepare the dishes you see on our menu is what makes the food delicious.

What sort of atmosphere will Positano have?

We want our guests to feel relaxed and at ease when entering our restaurant – going out to a restaurant, whether for a special event or a quick dinner, should always be a fun, exciting experience. We want our food, service and décor to be representative of the 5-star experience our guests expect, without the 5-star price.

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