Thursday, May 15, 2014

Meet Simon Levy, Our New Technical Director

by Chad Kinsman, Artistic & Management Coordinator

Where were you before starting at the Playhouse?

For the last three years I have had been working for Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, VA, a Lort-D regional theater.

What attracted you to working at the Playhouse?

For starters, the fact that it was not a hemp house (to learn about a hemp fly-system, click here). The Stage Company was a hemp house, and while I learned a ton about that system, it is an incredibly slow and hard method and is very frustrating. It was also time to move back up into the Northeast. I did high school in Princeton and have longed to live back up here for a while.

What is your favorite thing about working at the Playhouse so far?

See above. But honestly the people. Everyone I have worked with here is so dedicated, friendly and welcoming. I am used to traveling and moving, but moving somewhere where the people are so great makes it a lot easier.

If you could rename your position based on your first-month’s experience, what would you call it?

How much does that fabric cost? I know it’s expensive, but I need you to make it cheaper.

What are most looking forward to at the Playhouse in 2014? What are your goals for the year?

I am looking forward to a challenging year of designs, including flying a house! My goals? Make it through alive. No, my goals are to get all of my systems set up and streamlined here so its plug and play when I start budgeting shows. Knowing where to go to for what I need. Learning everyone’s names. Having a blast is what I intend this year.

Also, click here to listen to Simon describe his world travels!

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