Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Student Artwork on Display - Post #1

October 17, 2012

Angel P., a student at Nichols Elementary School, Brenda Y., a student at Multi-Cultural Magnet School, Fidel G., a student at John Winthrop School, and Jada A., a student at Multi-Cultural Magnet School, created the following art photographs as part of their participation in Images of Home and Family: A Photographic Exhibit, one of several student projects in our education & community engagement initiative, What Happens to a Dream Deferred:  Lorraine Hansberry and A Raisin in the Sun. 
Students were encouraged to respond creatively to Hansberry’s play by approaching their own lives and surroundings through an artist’s lens.  Take a look below and feel free to respond to these artworks by clicking the "comments" link at the end of the post.  Stay tuned for additional artworks in the coming weeks!
And if you haven't already, please join us for Lorraine Hansberr's A Raisin in the Sun, on stage at the Playhouse through November 3rd.  Click here to learn more and/or to purchase tickets today.

Angel P., Nichols Elementary School, grade 5


Fidel G., John Winthrop School, grade 6


Jada A., Multi-Cultural Magnet School, grade 7

Brenda Y., Multi-Cultural Magnet School, grade 7

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Ryan Odinak said...

These are really wonderful photographs. Each is so unique and expressive in the way they see their home.

I like how Angel makes the high grass a kind of barrier to seeing the house in the distance. It forces us to look at the two "non-home" buildings that frame the home...both commercial looking, one with barbed wire.

Fidel's photo is something familiar from the neighborhood, a window in a shop...but full of suffering and plastic covered religious figures.

I love the way Jada's window at home reflects a rainbow like a promise of something really good to come.

Brenda's is so beautiful. Flood has made the street meet the water of the Long Island sound, where we all live. The child, so careful not to step off the curb, creates a great contrast.

These kids are amazing!