Thursday, October 11, 2012

Online Engagement during A Raisin in the Sun

October 11, 2012

By Angela Marroy Boerger
Education & Community Programs Coordinator

Luka Kain, Lynda Gravatt & Susan Kelechi Watson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Over the next three weeks during the run of A Raisin in the Sun, we’ll be using this space as an online forum for discussion, engagement and artistic exhibition, all centered around our production of Lorraine Hansberry’s towering drama.   

If you’re looking for a place to continue the conversation or to start a new thread based on your reaction to the play, your thoughts on how the play resonates in the current day, and more, this is the place to be!  We’ll be inviting responses from our audiences, keeping you updated on our enrichment events and discussions around What Happens to a Dream Deferred:  Lorraine Hansberry and A Raisin in the Sun, and hosting an online exhibit of student artworks inspired by the play.   

Luka Kain & Billy Eugene Jones
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
There will be a lot going on, and we hope that you visit often.  Our first student artworks will be appearing here soon, so be sure to check back next week! 


Ryan Odinak said...

I saw A Raisin in the Sun" on Saturday night! It is one of the best plays i have seen in a while. Loved it. Wonderful acting, wonderful set, wonderful play.

Fuyuki Takara said...

It was amazing! I really loved it.

Muhammad Amir said...
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