Monday, August 27, 2012

Comedy: Play the Truth, Reap the Rewards

August 28, 2012

By Nathan Norcross
Playhouse Directing Intern

Stage Manager Matthew Melchiorre's
tech table.
As we near moving into the theatre for the long haul of technical rehearsals, which will incorporate the full scenic, sound, and lighting elements into the production, we had all the designers with us yesterday for a run-through of the play. This “Designers’ Run” is specifically scheduled for them to get a sense of the shape of the show as we all head into Tech, but it also proved useful for the actors and Mark to share the work for a small audience who had yet to see the play on its feet in its entirety. In addition to illuminating the way toward the last bit of our work in the rehearsal room, it reminded us just how FUNNY this zany ride can be!

Sound Designer John Gromada's
tech table.
When working on a comedy whose humor is so deftly crafted through eccentric characters and unexpected situations, one must incessantly work to ground the life of each scene in an honesty brimming with real emotional, mental, and sometimes physical stakes. Just as Associate Artistic Director David Kennedy worked to establish the dire nature of Orgon’s situation while directing Tartuffe earlier this season, Mark Lamos kept a specific eye toward the life-changing consequences involved for each of the characters throughout the action of Harbor.

Having trusted and honed that work, it was a joy to share it with others and reap the rewards of hilarity that ensue when characters find themselves suddenly grappling with unexpected situations and we, the audience, can sit back in amusement.

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