Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Actor's Perspective - July 5, 2012

By Marc Kudisch
“Tartuffe” in Tartuffe 

We’re into our second week of rehearsal, and already rhyming couplets are floating thru my sleep, assuaging my dreams no matter how deep. Get the picture here?

It's tough work...good work though; mind challenging to keep so many subtle emotional changes capped in the rhythm of the speech. I am a notorious paraphraser when in the process; I need to connect to the logic of the words before the actual words will stick in my mid-life brain. And I'm used to working on new material, a script that has yet to solidify; so usually this gives me enough room to be able to rationalize my process. Not this time…and not that Moliere, and Richard Wilbur's great English adaptation, need any help from me.  

Tartuffe…such a great play…so many possible directions to take each character.  And thanks to the ever present dysfunction of our human condition, a play that can constantly be revitalized with every new production. And let's mention why in this particular case: David Kennedy, our perceptive director (and Canadian!); the talents of the great Patricia Conolly and Mark Nelson (always been big fans of both), the vibrant talent of Nadia Bowers (such a nice person to have naughty scenes with); and an incredibly talented and PASSIONATE cast with great commitment all: Tyrone Mitchell Henderson (elegant), Jeanine Serralles (saucy), Charise Castro Smith (suprisingly formidable), Justin Adams (he kills me),  Matthew Amendt (best smile ever), Jeremy Lawrence (of the twinkling eyes), Chrissy Albanese (adorable, trust me, this word rings true for her) and William Peden (dude, I put my trust in you). Now, if Kudisch can just learn his damn lines.............

Front Row (L-R):  Nadia Bowers, Mark Nelson, Marc Kudisch, Patricia Conolly
Second Row (L-R):  Charise Castro Smith, Chrissy Albanese, Jeremy Lawrence, Janine Serralles
Third Row (L-R):  Matthew Amendt, William Peden, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson (not pictured: Justin Adams)
Photo by Carol Rosegg

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