Friday, August 5, 2011

A Sound Designer’s First Day

Suddenly Last Summer Sound Designer Fitz Patton shares thoughts about the first reading last week and his sound design for our upcoming production.
August 5, 2011
I spent the day developing thousands of sounds for the sound canopy that will surround the audience for Suddenly Last Summer. We're going to construct the natural sound field drop by drop, insect by insect. The audience will be inside a 12-channel stochastic natural sound field that is not a recording, but a recreation of the whole from its thousands of parts. We're also developing a score that can emerge from that kind of environment. It will be a series of chords and tones that build a structure to contain and support the music of the poetry of the text.

No other play that I have ever designed has depended so much on my experience during the first reading. The sound will be a synesthetic extension of the visual world of the play; both a logical and highly lifted and poetic extension of the visual space.

Stay tuned for more insight into the Sound Designer's process! 

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