Monday, September 27, 2010


Week 4: Insert Inspiring Sports-Related Motivational Aphorism Here

Dear Kitty 2.0,

Want to know what song has been stuck in my head all day?

Formerly the song I think of when I reminisce about pulling all-nighters to finish a twenty page paper in college, it’s now playing on loop in my brain as a reminder of just how close we’re getting to, well, puttin’ on a show!  Oh, yeah, and also it’s probably stuck in my head because I feel as if I’ve just pulled an all-nighter.   Which I did.

The final red-eye-shuffle!  I’ve finally finished working on this movie and am so excited for it to come out.  (And terrified.  I’m a small person with a small face, and, well, suddenly seeing your face very very big?  That’s just against nature.)  I got “clapped out” yesterday, (or “wrapped,” as they say) and left amidst a sea of hugs and well-wishes.  Everybody working on it-- the entire cast and crew-- has been immensely supportive of my participation in this terrific play, and they know just how important of an experience doing this role has been for me.  Anyways.  Just a little shout-out to my homies on the West Coast, who are keeping up with the bloggy.  Thanks, guys n’ gals, love you all and hope you can make it to Connecticut!

Today we had a run-through which was... ugh.  I was really run down, and caught a cold on the last flight I took, so my mouth was perpetually tasting of zinc drops and Emergen-C.  I’m feeling like all of us have reached that threshold in rehearsals-- we’re so ready to get into the theater and onto the stage and experience things anew.  Teching a show, while tedious and exhausting, is a good time to let the space of the stage sink in; to get comfortable with it, and feel how scenes play out in the new environment.  Not to mention that our stage will have several different levels, which is sure to put a new perspective on our scenes and blocking.

Okay.  I’m all Vitamin-C’ed up and ready for bed.  Later, Kitty!  Send me healthy vibes, eh?


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Ms. Bonnie said...

just found this blog you are doing. what great fun!! better than twitter. love the insight about the silent days being the impetus for Anne's writings. never thought of that, but if you've got a lot to say and have to keep your mouth shut all day ... what a release a diary is!