Thursday, September 16, 2010


On Being a Creature of Habit (And Creature, in General)

Dear Kitty 2.0,

Oof.  Not gonna lie.  Today was a bit difficult.  I’m not sure why, exactly, but my hunch is that it had to do with the sort of habits I’ve gotten into in certain scenes.  And this is due to a few factors, not the least of which is that in rehearsals, one must track their blocking and spacing and prop-ology, all while maintaining an emotional arc and paying close attention to the meaning of one’s lines.  So, sometimes, something’s bound to give a little.

For me, today, it was one scene in particular.  When Mr. Dussel, the dentist, first arrives at the Annex, there’s a scene in which he relays some particularly grim information about the outside world.  Anne asks him if he’s heard anything about her friend Hannali’s family-- if they’ve been taken away.  His silence is response enough.  Immediately following this heartbreaking news, there’s a scene in Anne’s bedroom, where she shows Mr. Dussel his new sleeping quarters.
It’s written as rather cheerful scene in comparison; there isn’t time for an emotional transition, really.  I had gotten into bad habits in the scene of having Anne overcompensate for her grief by forcing the lines to be read with a smile, leading me to the egregious act of “cute-ifying” the scene.  There’s no truth in that, and I knew it, and I certainly wasn’t going to be able to pull the wool over Gerry’s eyes, either.  And while rehearsing the scene over and over felt a bit like ramming into a wall, I finally felt as if I had a breakthrough by the end of the day.  (Note- this little lightbulb came on after I ran out and bought a bit of candy on a break.  I’m convinced that chocolate makes me smarter.)

I like this photo because you can get a sense of the whole rehearsal space that we're working in.  Gerry, our director, is sitting down in front.

Peter chases Anne around the Annex.  Ari: "It looks like I'm levitating!"  (I'm that blurry thing on the right.)

Okay.  So, at one point, I have to drag Margot down and make her waltz with me.  Being a dance-savvy person (who's done a bit of choreography here and there), I have the nasty habit of leading in most partnering dances.  But Lauren has to lead me here... and I kept messing her up.  So this is a photo of us starting to crack up when Gerald decided to take over and show us how it's done.

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